SafeHamsters League First AR 3D blockchain mobile game

What is SafeHamsters League?

First AR 3D blockchain mobile game for principle Play to Earn.

What makes it special?

⭐️AR world - Have fun and watch your hamsters fight on any surface in the real world, whether this is on a table, bed, or in the park while going for a walk.

⭐️Full Customisation - Create your hamster, equip him with armour and weapons, build an arena for him, and teach him fighting techniques.

⭐️PvP mode - Invite your friends and play with them.

⭐️3D graphics

⭐️Available on IOS and Android

Compare SafeHamsters and other play-to-earn projects

Farming and Staking

Players will be able to get free SEED tokens by farming $SAFEHAMSTERS token or get more SEED by staking them in HamstersMill.

Players can also receive free SEED by completing quests or tasks in SafeHamster League.


Players will be able to buy or sell all the items (equipment, characters , arena) on our own HamstersMill finance for SEED token.

How to earn on MVP version of the game?

Get to the Top-player rating and get rewards.

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SafeHamsters League

SafeHamsters League

🎮Play to earn 🏆Battle 🦾First mobile AR game in #crypto industry 🌱SEED — main game token, which you can farm with @SAFEHAMSTERS